Get back the hair you want, at reasonable prices

Master Care Clinic offer both dental packages and hair transplants in Istanbul, helping people from the UK access the very best in cosmetic surgery for less. We provide the full service, from booking the appointment, to arranging transport and accommodation, as well as providing the care you need after surgery.

The only thing we leave up to you are the flights, although our helpful team can recommend airlines and talk you through what to expect on entry to Turkey, to help the visit run as smoothly as possible.

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Keeping it simple and easy for you

With Master Care Clinic, the process is simple and easy, from beginning to end. We will consult with you online, via Zoom or Skype, to assess your needs, and find the right dentist or hair transplant expert for you.

From there, we will book your treatment, whether you are looking for dental treatments or hair transplants in Istanbul, while you take care of flights.

Once you have confirmed your flight times, we shall arrange accommodation in a comfortable hotel and also arrange to pick you up at the airport. Every aspect of your Istanbul dental holiday will be taken care of.



Quality treatment throughout

Rest assured, your treatment and care while you're in Istanbul will be absolutely top class. The quality of the cosmetic surgery services here have been compared favourably to those in the UK, Germany, and Switzerland, and the prices are usually less than half the cost of surgery in those nations.

If you need to book cosmetic dentistry or hair transplants in Istanbul, you are always in safe hands with Master Care Clinic.




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We offer a range of the latest hair transplant treatments, so you can choose the best one to suit your needs, and you are most comfortable with.


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Whether you want to rebuild your smile and regain your confidence, or would simply like to improve the look of your teeth, we are here to help.


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