Istanbul Dental Clinic

About Master Care Clinic

Our aim is to help people get access to the very best cosmetic dental care and hair transplant care possible. There are so many talented surgeons and surgical facilities in Istanbul compared to other locations in Turkey where higher levels of health tourism have affected the marketplace.

As an Istanbul dental clinic, we offer some of the best dental practice in the world, at much lower prices than almost anywhere else.



Our values

Cosmetic Clinic in Istanbul in UK Transparency

Our aim is to be open and honest with all our customers, with nothing hidden in terms of service or cost. As a professional Istanbul dental clinic, we will explain every part of the procedure with you so you can make an informed choice, and so you know what to expect at every stage.

Cosmetic Clinic in Istanbul in UKQuality Treatments

We always use high quality cosmetic dental surgery clinics, and reputable, experienced hair transplant surgeons to carry out the cosmetic procedures you have in mind. The quality offered by our cosmetic surgeons in Istanbul is right up there with any surgical practice in the world.

 Personalised Care

Everyone is different, and so is their treatment. Our aim is to create personalised cosmetic services and hair transplant services, so that each client has a great experience, and can enjoy the results for many decades to come.






How it works for you

Your cosmetic dental or hair treatment begins with a consultation. We will talk about your needs and expectations, and what you require from our cosmetic surgeons.

Once we are both happy to proceed, we shall book your treatment, and allow you to arrange flights to Istanbul from the UK.

After checking in to Istanbul Airport, we will pick you up and transport you to your hotel. We offer a range of hotels from comfortable to the luxury, depending on your budget.

Treatment takes place in one of our quality clinics in Istanbul or the surrounding area, and we always make sure the treatment provided is of high quality.

After the surgery, we will look after you for the rest of your stay in Turkey, until you are fully ready to return to the UK.

Our Services