Istanbul dental holiday

Rebuild your smile for less

Do you want a more attractive smile? Are you finding it hard to locate a good cosmetic dentist? With waiting lists, and private cosmetic dentistry being out of reach financially for many, arranging a dental holiday in Turkey is a great option. Dentists in Turkey now have a superb reputation for providing quality cosmetic dental care at very low prices. Better still, if you are considering an Istanbul dental holiday, Master Care Clinic will make sure that you always receive the very best care from our dental clinic.

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Cosmetic Clinic in Istanbul in UK

Cosmetic Clinic in Istanbul in UK


Why Istanbul?

Dental & hair tourism in Turkey is dominated by the resort of Antalya. While this area is attractive in its own right, demand for cosmetic dentistry is at such a level that finding quality practitioners in that area is something of a challenge. Istanbul on the other hand has a much larger population, and has the best cosmetic dentists in Europe waiting to treat you. For anyone considering cosmetic treatment, an Istanbul dental holiday is a superb option, and in our opinion, the best.

About Us

Quality cosmetic dental care

The standards of dentistry in Istanbul are on a par with those of Switzerland and Germany. With a population of around 15 million, Istanbul is a very cosmopolitan city, with superb culture, secular and tolerant values, and extremely high standards of private dentistry. However, we are under no illusion that clients in the UK are most attracted to the prices, which make the flight and accommodation costs worthwhile, enabling you to save thousands overall.

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How it works for you


Your Istanbul dental holiday begins with a consultation. Our dental and hair consultants will discuss your needs with you, and talk through the treatment options, and guide you to the leading practitioners.



Once you are happy to progress, we shall book your treatment with your skilled, experienced specialist, while you arrange flights to Istanbul Airport.



We can arrange pickup and drop-off at the airport, taking you to your accommodation, and making sure you are well settled in.



We want to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible, and can book you in with one of many hotels in the city, depending on your preferences. With us your Istanbul dental holiday is taken care of from start to finish.



You will receive the very best in hair or dental care, completing your cosmetic dental treatment over the course of a few days if needed, and making sure you are comfortable and well taken care of in the interim.



In the days following treatment you may well feel numb or sore, as your mouth recovers from major dental surgery. We will make sure you have access to soft food, and will check up on you before your flight home, to make sure the treatment has gone to plan.



Once you are home, you will have access to our ongoing support, with resources and guidance on caring for your implants and veneers, for example, and our health consultants on call to take care of any problems.



Your Treatments

Dental cosmetic treatment

We offer a range of cosmetic dental treatments in Istanbul, including implants, bridges, veneers, crowns, and reshaping.  

With many different dental clinics to choose from, each with their own specialism, you can be assured of the best dental care throughout your dental holiday.

Hair transplants


We also offer hair transplants. Our surgeons use the latest technology in the field, to give you a fuller head of hair, eyebrows, or beard.

Using more recent methods means the results are superior and the recovery time is reduced, so your hair surgery will be in line with your expectations.

General medical treatment

If you need to arrange a minor operation or medical treatment, you can book with us.

Based in one of Istanbul's top hospitals, we can arrange a wide range of medical procedures for you, so you can avoid waiting lists, or paying for expensive private care in your own country.